Pipeline Easements

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When we purchased the farm in 1994 there were 3 ( 18", 26", and 30" ) existing natural gas underground pipelines with easements crossing one of the small fields, the tip of another and under Heath creek. See attachments. It looks like the land owner has rights to 2 farm taps in the future. As I understand it, no guarantees, it should be the case that if one were to build on these properties crossed and wanted a natural gas service he could request the tap for the service and receive one.

In 2005 and 2009 two additional underground pipelines crossed the same properties near the same easements, a 24" and a 30" if I remember correctly. These lines were installed under the strict supervision of a certified organic pipeline installation inspector in order to protect the organic certification of the farm. These lines were installed under Heath Creek by the directional bore method meaning the creek and the adjacent areas were not disturbed as a holes were bored under the creek and the pipes were pulled through the bore holes.

The lines have caused us no concern and we believe are the safest way to transport this energy product.