Grain Handling

Norgaard Certified Organic Farms A Multifaceted Hard Asset Investment Price $4,400,000. 3% Commission to Buyers BrokerThe FarmsteadOut building square footage 6515 sq ft plus 1880 sq ft hayloftGrain Handling 
There are three grain bins on the South end of the yard along the road to the equipment yard & fields & creek (this road is approx 1/2 mile long and is approx. 10" thick and 12' wide made of crushed limestone), one 9000 bushel Conrad steel bin with a raised floor, newer 28" Sukup 3phase 10-15 hp fan, VFD drive and reactor (converts 2phase to 3phase), stirrator, spreader, bin sweep, spiral stairway with platform, unload auger in floor plus two 1700 bushels Unico bins with floors and a portable fan and unloading augers.