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Now I want to say a few words about location, location, location. Especially the location of our property for sale which I call "The C enter Of T he Universe" .

Having raised four active children and operated a couple of businesses plus farmed organically, I can say something about location and time, especially now at an older age where time is flying by. One day I figured out just how many life minutes the average individual has in an average life. The number is roughly 40 million life minutes. As I have aged I have come to an increasing appreciation for "life minutes". We have lived in several places but by far our location, just by luck, has turned out to be a center of the universe for us when we chose to stay in Minnesota. Just a few minutes to schools, activities and health care. Road time is one of the largest killers of life minutes and is also one of the largest consumers of fossil fuel. We believe our location puts us in position to experience or have access to the best of anything that we could find anywhere in the world within an hour or less of driving time for us. We believe our property along with all of it's attributes plus it's location is a very difficult asset to duplicate anywhere in the world. Please see the site with some examples.

Ask yourself "How Much Are Life Minutes Worth"? "How Much Is Quality Time Spent With People You Love Worth"?  Quotes from the documentary "Bikes vs. Cars" : "Americans spend 55 work days in traffic every year" and "25% of their income goes to transport".

So there you go. Thanks for reading and studying this and the site. Best Regards, Vance and Jean Norgaard. Questions plz call 612-508-4589