Global Warming

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Climate change is a fact and the resulting impacts are already being felt. The droughts in California are very serious and the reservoirs that have been drained are collapsing in on themselves are making the odds of reservoir renewal slim. There are droughts and reservoir problems throughout the US but not in Minnesota. The Western mountain range has been seriously depleted of snow and ice causing a decreased water supply coming from those mountains as the depletion continues. Lake Mead is at its lowest levels since it was built, see ( Hoover's capacity is down 30% and more efficient generators are being installed to help fend off the declining Colorado River flow. Minnesota has huge reserves of good water in its lakes and reservoirs for the foreseeable future.

Sea levels are also on the rise. Miami recently spent millions on raising roads and installing water pumps to keep the sea water at bay. Norfolk Virginia is also having problems with high sea water entering lower areas. And it is noticeable along the East Coast. The predictions for rate of ice melt on the planet is increasing faster than was originally predicted and this may feed on itself further increasing the ice melt rate. Estimates of sea level rise depends on what melts. The estimates go from about a 2 foot increase if the polar ice caps melt to about a 216 foot increase if all the ice melts, this would include Greenland and Antarctica. (read article in Nat'l Geo Sept 2013). A recent movie the United Nations Climate ambassador Leonardo DeCaprio narrates, "Before The Flood" gives what I consider after all of my studies, a fairly accurate perspective of what is happening in real time.
The water factors affect areas that are some of the most highly populated areas in the world. What will happen when the reality really sets in and people start bailing? The people and companies with vision and courage will leave first while the property values are high and will set out for places that are more environmentally stable like Minnesota which I would rank as one of the most environmentally stable areas on the planet. True, we have four seasons and an occasional tornado but seasons are great to experience and tornado risk is a small price to pay to have this kind of safe environment. Ice melt will affect us in many ways two of which I believe will be rising property values and rising populations. It may be advantages to own property before any movement occurs and as the local populations increases so do the local markets for food.