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Norgaard Certified Organic Farms A Multifaceted Hard Asset Investment Price $4,400,000. 3% Commission to Buyers Broker 

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You are now on the farm sale detail page.

We are introducing a different style of presentation of our property that is for sale. The goal is to present more information in a more detailed informative manner that is easy to follow and depicts the whole of the property.

The detail page shows up with presentation based on the Mind Map program and presents two ways to review all of the information.

Now press site map and on the left is an index which by opening and closing all of the boxes you will see all of the information and on the right is a n organizational chart view and by clicking the boxes you will see all of the information.

Most boxes will have either text or images or both and some boxes will just be statements sometimes with an address at top of page for a file like pdf, etc.

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Vance and Jean Norgaard